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eGo LCD Vaporizer Battery CE4 / 510 - 900mAh


eGo LCD Vaporizer Battery CE4 / 510 - 900mAh

This eGo LCD Vaporizer Battery is great for anyone who wants to keep track of how many puffs they are taking, while always knowing how much batter life they have left. If you are trying to cut own on the nicotine intake, or if you are tired of running out of battery half-way through the day because you didn't know how low your battery was when you left the house, this LCD vaporizer battery can help.

CE4 CE5 CE6 / 510

Brand: eGo
Product Code: EGOLCDCE4
Reward Points: 0
Availability: 10
Tags: LCD Battery, eGo, CE4, 510,

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